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Peerless SF16D Dedicated Flat Wall Mount

Peerless SF16D Dedicated Flat Wall Mount


  • $3199

The Peerless SF16D Flat SmartMount Dedicated Mount provides screen specific solutions for mounting medium to large sized flat-panel screens. Both flat and tilting models are available and compatible with Peerless comprehensive inventory of screen-specific PLP adapter plates, ensuring a precise fit for almost any plasma or LCD screen. Additionally, installers can choose from either a wall plate for 16" stud centers, perfect for any portrait-style applications, or a more versatile wall plate for 16-24" stud centers. Peerless is one of the leaders in the Audio-Visual equipment mounting field. For more than 40 years, Peerless has continually come up with solutions that focus on not only strength but quality as well. Whether you are mounting a TV, VCR, plasma, projector, or speakers, Peerless has the answer.



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